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“I have been blessed and transformed by this teachings of Apostle Joseph Mintah.” 


—  Charisa Mintah

Most Favourite Christian Podcast

Apostle Joseph Mintah's podcasts cover a wide range of topics essential for Christian growth and empowerment. From foundational teachings and practical life advice to spiritual warfare, prayer life, and understanding God's authority, his podcasts provide deep insights and guidance for navigating various aspects of faith and spiritual life.

Whether you're a seasoned believer or just starting your spiritual journey, there's something here for everyone

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Each episode is designed to encourage, uplift, and equip you to live a victorious Christian life. Tune in and let your faith soar!

Practical wisdom for life.jpg

une in for practical tips and spiritual guidance to enrich your daily walk and achieve holistic success.

We are here to help in every step of your Christian journey. Follow Apostle Joseph Mintah on these platforms.

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Wisdom for business success(series).jpg

Tune in to gain the wisdom you need to thrive in the marketplace and beyond.

Wisdom for relationships.jpg

Tune in to discover the keys to effective communication, mutual respect, and lasting harmony in all your relationships.

Spiritual warfare.jpg

Tune in and become a victorious warrior in the spiritual realm.

New believer's starter pack.jpg

Tune in and embark on your transformative journey with confidence and clarity.

Wisdom for our walk of destiny.jpg

Tune in and take purposeful steps towards your destiny.

Sharpening your spiritual discernment.jpg

Tune in to strengthen your discernment and walk confidently in your faith journey.

Christian character.jpg

Tune in and embark on your journey towards holiness.


Tune in to deepen your understanding of your divine heritage and walk in the fullness of your identity in Christ.

The Church.jpg

Tune in to deepen your understanding of the church's significance and how you can actively contribute to its mission.

Connecting systems of the believer.jpg

Tune in to learn how to harmonise these systems and experience a more dynamic and holistic Christian life.

The prayer life of the believer.jpg

Tune in to strengthen your connection with God and experience the profound impact of a vibrant prayer life.

The believer's authority & dominion.jpg

Tune in to unlock your potential and live a victorious life through the authority and dominion bestowed upon you by God.

Spiritual information system.jpg

Tune in to enhance your spiritual understanding, sharpen your discernment, and effectively navigate your spiritual journey through the wisdom of God's information systems.

dominion Systems.jpeg

Tune in to activate and operate in the dominion systems designed for your victory and impact.

Practical wisdom for life.jpg

Tune in for practical tips and spiritual guidance to enrich your daily walk and achieve holistic success.

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